Wednesday, November 7, 2018


Hi everyone!  Have you heard Catherine released new MINI ink pads and her new amazing product called Canvo Bullet Journal?!!!!  

Let's start with the MINI Inks!  We all love CP inks and now there are these adorable mini ink pads that are the same exact formulation and foam pad as her regular size ink pad.  There are 14 MINI Inks released now...And the sets come in a cute little box so they are already organized for you.  Click HERE to check out the CP Minis!

The new product called the Canvo Bullet Journal is also releasing.  Catherine was introduced to bullet journaling and bought a bullet journal from a local craft store and started playing with it and noticed there were some flaws that she immediately went to work fixing.  One huge problem was when she stamped on the pages, it bled through to the next page.  With the Canvo, that doesn't happen because the paper is nice and thick.

  • Pages measure 7 x 9″
  • Dot grid layout
  • 150 numbered pages
  • Heavy weight pages
Catherine has also released some cute stamp sets to use with the Canvo.  Look at this cute spread she created using some of the images from the stamp sets.

I was actually lucky enough to spend the weekend in Raleigh with my good friend and Creative Team member Laurel Beard!  We were there when the first product launch was revealed!!  It was such a fun time!

I do have to admit that I wasn't sure I was going to jump on the whole bullet journal band wagon, until I watched all of Catherine's videos on her You Tube channel showing how she uses the journal.  I plan on using my journal as a birthday tracker/address book and I will be able to decorate it and personalize it how I want.  I'm SO excited!  

SSSSHHHHH!!!!  I also plan to get my girls each one for Christmas.  They love bullet journals and I know they are going to use it in a completely different way than I use it.  I can't wait to share more.

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