Saturday, August 23, 2014

Stamp-a-Faire The Renaissance Velvet Stamping

We traveled next to The Renaissance Era.  Nicole taught us velvet stamping.  Very hard to photograph but a neat effect that I would have never tried or even thought of.

You can tell Maureen and I were stamping together.  Our cards are very similar.  :)


  1. Love this card, so much richness and texture on a simple card!

  2. Who knew you could stamp on velvet? This design is so pretty! I love the frilly die cut frame, and yes, I can tell you and Mo were stamping together. Lucky ducks!

  3. Wow this is so cool looking Kristie! I saw stamping on velvet years ago on the Carol Duvell show, but had forgotten all about it until now when I saw your card. Nice! Hugs, Brenda

  4. So pretty and elegant~ Like the circular dies too. I waiting on your videos because your cards are just so beautiful~ :)


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